Control Room.

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All you need to know about your testing in one clear dashboard. At a glance you can oversee all relevant test results of any kind or code. Providing you smart insights to comprehend, analyze, control and improve your test processes. A must have for every test professional.


At a glance you can oversee where you're standing. How many passed and failed tests do I have per project? Do I have many system or automation issues, or is my test set running smoothly?

pyramid view

Get a general feel of your test set by looking at a pyramid representation of it. Generally, you want many fast and stable tests, and less of the clunky UI tests. Does your test set look like a pyramid? Or does it more look like an ice cone?

testresults security scan

Detailed test results.

After a global picture, dive deep into the details of every test result. You'll get your first test result when your first test is done, so you no longer have to wait for the entire run to complete.

testresult trend

Trend Analysis.

What did this test do in the past? And why? Analyze the added value of a test by looking at its past. It may yet reveal something about the future!


Plow through the logs.

And figure out what really went wrong. Regardless of the tool you use, you will find out what's wrong in the Orangebeard Control Room. Get the test scripts, the test results, screenshots and logfiles. All in one place!


Or let the AI do it for you!

Can't remember that issue you had a couple of weeks back that came up again? We have that all the time. Luckily, our AI can recognize issues that happened before, and do the analysis for you. This saves you a ton of time!