Report from any test tool!

Report from any test tool!

Orangebeard strives to be completely tool- and platform independent. That’s why we create integrations for every test tool we encounter. The list of integrations is ever-growing and our promise to you is that if you start with Orangebeard Premium, we make sure your test tools get connected! We connect commercial tools, open source tools and frameworks, or even that specialized test tool your developers built for your application. We provide clients in most languages so you can even create your own integration with our open listener API.

Transparent & Open Source

Our API-clients and tool integrations are open source and available on Github. Not only does that give you the opportunity to propose improvements or even add your own functionality to our integrations, but it also ensures transparency on what information is sent to our servers.
Orangebeard Integration

Connecting to Orangebeard

Getting your test tool to report to Orangebeard is straight forward. If we already have an integration (we call them listeners), follow the instructions in the listener’s readme and you should be good to go. If we need to create a new integration, show us your tool and give us a day or two to make it work. From an architectural point of view: the setup will look a lot like this most of the time (see image).