Super Convincing Facts.

Find fails faster by 50%

By using our integrated dashboard, you will be able to find out what went wrong or what went right with your tests in real time. Your time spent on analysing failed tests will be significantly reduced, because our AI algorithm helps you recognize the reasons why your test failed. Did you find a product bug, an automation issue or was your environment unstable? You want to make sure our algorithm has it right? We got you covered! You can dive into the logs of specific test results and figure it out for yourself! You’re in control. 

Save on testing by 40%

Our auto-analysis does half the analysing of test results for you. And by optimizing your test set you’ll spend way less time fixing redundant or flaky tests. And by employing your test set in combination with our security scan, you’ll eventually save money on a pen test. Why? Because by using our security scan, you’ll have your most glaring security issues fixed way before a pen tester will be in the picture. Be informed of security issues early and often.

Speed up releases by 80%

Integrate your version control system with Orangebeard, and you will be able to optimize your continuous delivery pipeline by running the most important tests first and skip irrelevant tests. And all of this happens automatically. 

Reduce failure rate by 70%

Ever wonder about the added value of your test set? Our dashboard provides you with a detailed result history of your tests. Perhaps some tests fail often for the wrong reasons. And hopefully others fail often for the right reasons! Maybe some tests are redundant. Some others may be crucial. Based on this information, you’ll be able to optimize your test set to its optimum.