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Integrate all of your test tools into one single platform.
Speed up your releases by 80%.
Reduce deployment of labor up to 75%.
Be in control with Orangebeard. 

Save time & costs

Speed up your testing

Test smarter with
every release

Works with all your test tools

Yesterday’s insights
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Orangebeard makes it super easy to analyze and manage your automated software tests and test results. Especially when you are working with multiple tools and teams.

Orangebeard connects to all your test automation tools. It auto-analyses, processes, stores, and visualizes all your test result data in a user-friendly interface that is accessible and understandable for everyone.

Orangebeard provides your teams with all the details and data they need in real-time to understand what is happening with your automated tests. 


Intelligence that speeds up!

With Orangebeard, your testing will get smarter and faster with every test. The artificial intelligence allows you to speed up your software releases in your automated pipeline up to 80%.

Orangebeard’s AI learns from your test results data and recognizes:

  • bugs, environment issues and test failures
  • trends in failure reasons
  • the maturity level of your test environment
  • which tests are associated with code changes check-ins
  • security vulnerabilities

With all that data, Orangebeard‘s intelligence helps you select and run the best test sets for the next deployment. Completely automated!

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Say goodbye to the test tool jungle!

With Orangebeard, you don’t need to go through every tool to find your data and understand what has happened.

You can view all your test tool data in one format on our dashboard, making it super easy to read, understand and report what has happened. 

Realize maximum quality and efficiency

Orangebeard takes work out of your hands and reduces time spent on time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Maximize your testing capacity by freeing up your testers’ time for maximum quality and efficiency in the time you have available. 

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