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Orangebeard helps you manage and speed
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Yesterday’s insights and results driving today’s tests.

Orangebeard is an intelligent platform that makes it super easy to see what the status is of your automated software testing.   Orangebeard connects to all your automation (test)tools. It auto-analyses, processes, stores, and visualizes all test result data in one place. Accessible to all. Providing you with all the details and data in real time from all your test tools. Giving you the control and insights needed to understand what is happening with your automated tests. To take action and test smarter with every build.

Our promises.

Find fails faster by
Reduce failure rate by
Speed up releases by
Save on testing by
Find fails faster by
Reduce failure rate by
Speed up releases by
Save on testing by

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Intelligence that speeds up.

Orangebeard’s artificial intelligence or machine learning, allows you to speed up your CICD software releases up to 80%. Orangebeard learns from your test results data, but also from code changes and –check-ins. The AI recognizes which test belongs to which code. It can see the difference between bugs, environment issues and test failures. It identifies trends in failure reasons. And Orangebeard can detect the most common security vulnerabilities. With all that data, Orangebeard‘s intelligence helps you select and run the best test sets for the next deployment. Completely automated!

Giving you the power to focus your software testing and development efforts where it matters most for: 1. lower costs 2. shorter test cycles 3. improved software quality 4. better security

Fail. Learn. Improve. Repeat.

Failing is fantastic! Because now you can learn a lot from it. Thanks to Orangebeard you're able to:

Now you get it.


No more labyrinth of long-term black box end-2-end tests. From now on you can make well informed choices, that absolutely make sense. Knowing perfectly how to improve your tests and to accelerate your software deployment process. And more important: with Orangebeard you know time and money are spent well, while your whole (IT)-organization improves big time!

Orangebeard test tools
that keeps you cool.

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Control Room.

Get it. Improve it. Own it. All you need to know about your testing in one clear dashboard. At a glance you can oversee all relevant test results of any kind or code. Providing you smart insights to comprehend, analyze, control and improve your test processes. A must have for every test professional.

Security Scan.

Better safe than… expensive. Your smart solution for detecting OWASP top 10 security issues on the fly. No longer expensive consults are needed for these common pen tests. In fact, it will instantly alert you in case of risks, while updating your software. It’s solid and safe and money saving too!

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Auto Test Pilot.

Let artificial intelligence do the work. Sit back and relax! Take your testing to the next level with our self-learning Auto Test Pilot. It’s test algorithms will optimize your test automation over and over again. In terms of coverage, quality and speed. Testing has never been so smoothly before. (Expected Summer 2021)

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Built by the best test experts.

Orangebeard tools are built, tested and approved by the best test experts from The Netherlands. These orange guys – with and without beards – have been building and testing software for many years.

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