Introducing workspaces

When working in larger organisations with multiple projects or teams, getting a quick overview of all project’s statuses can be hard. That is why the Orangebeard team has added the ability to create workspaces and gain valuable insights in the combined statuses of all projects inside a workspace. Before workspaces were introduced, the highest level … Read more

CI/CD pipeline (automation testing)

Is your development team growing at a fast pace? Do you notice that your departments communicate too little with each other, causing unnecessary errors or delays, pushing the publication date forward and reducing the time you have to market your end product? Then continuous testing and monitoring of the progression of your software is crucial! … Read more

Test Tools

What is a test tool? Let us start by stating the obvious: a test tool is a piece of software or an aid that is used when, for example, a developer or software tester is testing software. Pretty obvious isn’t it? IT has become an extremely important part of our lives. Every day different specialists … Read more

Test Automation

In the late 90s, IT became an important part of our lives. Since then, our software, applications, websites and devices have continued to develop at a lightning speed. Today, businesses and people today are working with very advanced and intelligent software on a daily basis. Especially when compared to only 30 years ago. Within the … Read more

Time saved, faster deliveries

With the introduction of Orangebeard, the Software Quality Intelligence Platform, the Test & Quality team at AFAS software no longer needs to spend several hours every day analyzing test run data and selecting tests for the next run. With Orangebeard, all tests, test sets and test results are easily accessible. The outcomes of each test … Read more