Evolve your testing with Orangebeard: mastering software quality

In today’s fast-paced DevOps ecosystem, the acceleration and optimization of software delivery are paramount. One of the significant challenges faced in this realm is the effective and efficient management of testing cycles. This is where Orangebeard, a cutting-edge evolution testing platform, comes to the fore, enabling teams to shorten and simplify the test cycle and deliver high-quality software seamlessly.

Save Time & Costs with DevOps Automated Testing Tools

Orangebeard employs advanced machine learning algorithms to predict, prioritize, and minimize your tests per change. This innovative approach allows teams to focus on the most impactful tests, saving both time and costs. Probably 80% of your tests might be insignificant, but with Orangebeard’s DevOps testing tool, you no longer need to run all tests over and over again. The platform’s intelligence helps identify the 20% of tests that significantly affect your pipeline, streamlining the testing process and enabling faster time to market.

Intelligent, Automated Testing in the DevOps Ecosystem

Within the diverse and dynamic DevOps ecosystem, Orangebeard stands out by offering real-time, in-depth insights into software quality. It optimizes resources, enhancing the efficiency of software delivery. By working seamlessly with all test & CI tools, Orangebeard enhances the ease and effectiveness of DevOps automated testing tools, ensuring that the best test sets are selected and run for each deployment, completely automated.

Reducing Carbon Footprint and Boosting Efficiency

Beyond efficiency and speed, Orangebeard is committed to reducing the carbon footprint, making it a responsible choice in today’s environmentally conscious world. The platform’s intelligent features allow for smarter and more targeted testing, which not only saves time but also contributes to a lower carbon footprint.

Features that Enhance Software Quality

Orangebeard’s artificial intelligence not only speeds up the software release process in your automated pipeline by up to 80%, but it also assists in faster fail finding, and time saved in test runs. It aids in locating and classifying defects in no time, ensuring that teams test actual changes only, offering all test results in one consistent and easily understandable format.

Maximize Efficiency Across Your Organization

With Orangebeard, bid goodbye to sifting through countless test reports to find relevant data. View all your test reports in one consistent format on your dashboard, enabling everyone on the team to easily understand and report on what has happened. This feature enhances collaboration and accelerates software delivery.

In Conclusion

Orangebeard is not just a tool; it is a partner in enhancing software quality, ensuring that you not only meet but exceed the expectations in the DevOps ecosystem. By optimizing the testing cycle, providing intelligent insights, and automating the testing process, Orangebeard ensures that your software delivery is fast, efficient, and of the highest quality. Join the leagues of companies like ING, Rabobank, and others in testing smarter with Orangebeard. Get started today and experience the revolution in software testing.

View the demo, save time and costs, reduce carbon footprint, and focus on what matters most with Orangebeard. Your journey towards better, faster, and smarter testing begins now.