SoapUI Test results in Orangebeard

Are you using SoapUI for the functional-, security- or loadtests on your API’s? We can see why, as it’s still one of the most versatile API testing tools out there!

Alas, keeping track of test results, analyzing them, knowing about their history and reporting on them can be a bit cumbersome, as the UI and reporting capabilities are mostly aimed at developers and one-off test runs.

Orangebeard easily integrates with SoapUI, providing a dashboard for your test results that is easy to navigate and has all the history of previous runs easily available. And even better: we help you speed up defect analysis! Orangebeard recognizes test failures if they have occurred before and tells you about your previous analyses. Would that speed up your dev/test cycle?

Connecting SoapUI to Orangebeard is easy! Get our SoapUI Listener on GitHub, configure it in your project (just follow the steps in the readme) and see your results in Orangebeard in real-time!

Instead of clicking through SoapUI windows, Orangebeard provides you with a uniform, readable way to manage your test results and analyze what happened. All details readily available in less than half the clicks!

Instead of a SoapUI specific interface where information is hidden and spread out over different tabs and windows, Orangebeard provides a clean and simple interface where all relevant information is available at a glance, same as any other connected tool! All request/response logging, headers and validation per test step. And when your analysis is done, Orangebeard remembers and will tell you what happened if the same problem occurs again!