Using Ranorex with Orangebeard

Jul 7, 2022

Did you know that Ranorex was one of the first major tools we integrated with Orangebeard? Some of our customers use Ranorex for all kinds of testing on a pretty large scale!
In order to keep track of all these test runs, defects with screenshots or other relevant attachment files and their history, in conjunction with other testing efforts, reporting results to Orangebeard was an obvious choice. After connecting Ranorex to Orangebeard, the time spent on investigating and understanding why tests failed declined significantly, leaving time to spend on other tasks.

So, how to connect your Ranorex test runs to Orangebeard?

Building the Ranorex listener

To connect Ranorex to Orangebeard, you’ll need to get our listener. You can get it from GitHub (it’s open source, so you are in control of what data you send to us!).
Once you have downloaded the source code, You will have to build it for your Ranorex version, by referencing Ranorex.Core.dll and Ranorex.Libs.Util.dll in the solution and build the solution. The result is a RanorexOrangebeardListener.dll filethat you can use with your Ranorex project.

Configuring the listener

In your Ranorex solution, add the dll you just built as a reference. Now you can set up the listener in two ways:


1. Configure and initialize it in Program.cs:
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("orangebeard.endpoint", "");
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("orangebeard.accessToken", "api-token-for-orangebeard");
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("orangebeard.project", "projectname");
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("orangebeard.testrun", "Test Run name");
Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable("orangebeard.fileupload.patterns", @".*\.txt;.*\.bat"); //OPTIONAL

OrangebeardLogger orangebeard = new OrangebeardLogger();


2. Create a code module and use it as a Setup:

You can use the code above in your code module to register the listener. Ofcourse, you can configure your environment variables in other ways to keep them out of your project!

Configured? Now run your tests as usual (can be from Ranorex Studio, or any CI tool you’re currently using) and see the results appear in Orangebeard in real-time!

When you get your Ranorex results in Orangebeard, you can start analyzing your test run from the live view as it comes in! No more waiting for a run to finish to see the report. And ofcourse Orangebeard will help you auto-analyze re-ocurring defects, so you don’t spend any more time analyzing why a test has failed to only find out it’s something that happened before. Save valuable time with Orangebeard!

Happy testing!

Operational benefits

Quality Owners

Locate & classify test bugs in no time

Shorten your test cycles

Test actual code changes only

Collaborate on quality

Data driven insights

All test results in one place


Faster deliveries & feedback

Speed up development

Build confidence

Reduce number of releases

Boost quality

One tool to rule them all


Faster results with higher accuracy

Audit ready reporting

Save time & manpower

Boost efficiency

Lower costs & effort

Better insights, more control

Say goodbye to the test tool jungle!

With Orangebeard, you don't need to go through every tool to find your data and understand what has happened.

You can view all your test tool data in one format on our dashboard, making it super easy to read, understand and report what has happened.

Realize maximum quality and efficiency

Orangebeard takes work out of your hands and reduces time spent on time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Maximize your testing capacity by freeing up your testers' time for maximum quality and efficiency in the time you have available. 

Start smarter testing today

Ready to learn what Orangebeard can do for your automated test process? 

Say goodbye to the test tool jungle!

View all your test results in one dashboard, making it super easy to read, understand and report what happened.

Realize maximum quality and efficiency

Let Orangebeard select and run the tests for maximum quality and coverage in the time you have available. 

With Orangebeard, your testing will get smarter and faster with every build.

Orangebeard’s artificial intelligence allows you to speed up your software releases in your automated pipeline up to 80%.

Orangebeard learns from your test results data and recognizes:

  • bugs, environment issues and test failures
  • trends in failure reasons
  • the maturity level of your test environment
  • which tests are associated with code changes check-ins
  • security vulnerabilities

With all that data, Orangebeard‘s intelligence helps you select and run the best test sets for the next deployment. Completely automated!

Start smarter testing today

Ready to learn what Orangebeard can do for your automated test process?