How it works

Orangebeard connects all of your automated test tools and uses machine learning to help you easily understand what has happened and determine what actions need to be taken.

How it works

Orangebeard is a flexible SaaS solution that connects all of your automated test tools. Using machine learning helps you understand what has happened and determine what actions need to be taken.

Connecting and collecting data

It all starts with data. That’s why Orangebeard aims to collect all relevant information on your test runs. Orangebeard provides interfaces to connect your test tools- and frameworks, as well as tool-specific integrations to send your test runs, -suites and -cases’ output to Orangebeard. Connect to Orangebeard using one of our tool-specific connectors or roll your own using one of our API clients. Regardless of where you store and run your tests from, Orangebeard handles data from any origin, such as your developer laptop, or a Cloud based CI service. And everything in between. Besides test run output, you can also provide Orangebeard with version information of your system under test, so Orangebeard knows what changes are being tested.


Auto Test Pilot

Based on what we know about a test and how it relates to your product (not just code!), the auto test pilot will help you decide what to test in the limited time you have. Orangebeard links your tests to software components and code changes and proposes optimized subsets and prioritization for the test run at hand. 

Based on the changes you provide at the start of a test run, Orangebeard uses a machine learning model to predict which tests have the greatest chance to fail. This results in optimized (sub)sets prioritized to provide lightning-fast feedback on your current change.

No more waiting for a full regression test when deploying a small change. Orangebeard gives you the opportunity to test the biggest risks first and because we report in real-time, you can act on the first sign of trouble.

How we train our model

To train our model, Orangebeard needs meta-data on changes and test results. No static analysis, no instrumentation, so no need to change your software or to share your valuable source code with us.

Our model is trained using data from your test runs. When tests fail, or their characteristics change, Orangebeard learns that those tests have a stronger relationship with the files or components that were changed.

As the number of collected test results data grows, Orangebeard will learn what works best. Your automated testing will become faster, smarter, and more efficient with every test and every release.

Automated defect

Based on current- and previous test output and previously classified defects, Orangebeard will suggest the cause of a failed test to speed up analysis. Orangebeard remembers what went wrong and why, and will tell you if a defect has occurred before.

Passed: 3
Failed: 1
Product bug: 1 


Passed: 3
Failed: 1
Product bug: 1 


Passed: 8
Failed: 2
Automation Issue: 2 

Auto Analyzer

When analyzing test failures, how often have you found that after some time, you realize you’ve seen this happen before? Have you ever had that feeling that your tests mostly fail because your environment is acting up? Are failed tests adding value or are they mostly adding frustration?

Our Auto Analyzer helps you quantify these issues. Gain insight in why your tests fail and how often. 


Visualizing the data

Never get lost in different reports of different test tools again. No more difficulties interpreting unit test results or html reports that only work in browser x or y…

Orangebeard reports all of your test results in a uniform and clear way. Put our overview page on the big screen. Gain insight in your latest test runs. Or get help from our Auto Analyzer to automatically classify defects based on your earlier failure analysis and see those results emerge in real-time.

No more waiting for that run to finish! Start investigating test failures as they come in. And of course, we have dark-mode too! 

Say goodbye to the report jungle!

With Orangebeard, you don’t need to go through all those test reports to find your data and understand what has happened.

You can view all your test reports in one consistent format on our dashboard, making it super easy to read, understand and report on what has happened. 

Realize maximum quality and efficiency

Orangebeard takes work out of your hands and reduces time spent on time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Maximize your testing capacity by freeing up your testers’ time for maximum quality and efficiency in the time you have available. 

Start smarter testing today