What is security testing and why is it important?

In the late 90s, IT became an important part of our lives. Since then, our software, applications, websites and devices have continued to develop at a lightning speed. Today,  businesses and people are working with very advanced and intelligent software on a daily basis. Especially when compared to only 30 years ago. Also the amount of personal data and integration with everyday life is higher than ever. Making sure your software is safe and doesn’t contain leaks, security testing is a necessity. Read more. 

What is security testing?

Due to the speed at which software is developed, security problems also arise. While one developer ensures positive development, another is continuously busy hacking systems for their own benefit. With the enormous amount of personal data and the execution of the GDPR law (General Data Protection Regulation), it is extremely important today to test the software for security.

Security testing is the process of continually testing the system to reveal vulnerabilities before someone else, like a hacker, does. 

Types of security testing

There are many different ways to test software for security vulnerabilities, for example:

  • Security scanning (OWASP 10)
  • Penetration testing
  • Ethical hacking
  • Vulnerability scanning

At Orangebeard we know all about security testing

As an organization working with huge amounts of data, you want to be sure your software is as safe as it can be. You want to get insight into vulnerabilities and security risks. Doing this manually will cost a lot of time and in addition human errors are always made during software testing. That is why you want to automate your software tests. When we talk about test automation, we are actually referring to the process of using different test tools that continuously and automatically run test scripts. Checking for bugs, vulnerabilities, errors or failures. By properly deploying test automation, focusing on the right requirements, and using the right tools, potential problems such as errors, failures and software bugs are quickly detected. So why do we not use the same regression test scripts for security testing? 

Our solution for security testing

At Orangebeard we ensure that your applications are tested from top to bottom using our test automation platform, including the security OWASP 10 scanner. The security experts, who worked on the platform, have years and years of experience in testing applications, software and systems for security risks and vulnerabilities. 

Orangebeard is an intelligent platform that makes it super easy to see the status of your automated software testing. The platform connects to all your automation (test) tools and auto-analyses, processes, stores, and visualizes all test result data in one place. Accessible to all. Providing you with all the details and data in real time from all your test tools and giving you the control and insights needed to understand what is happening with your automated tests in one place, from security tests to end-to-end tests. 

Why did we start automating security tests?

Testing tools are designed to make testing simple, more secure, and insightful. However, in practice we see a major pitfall for automated testing. With all the different test tools available in the market, it seems like we can automate almost everything and every step in the process. 

There also seems to be a test tool solution for every problem. All test tools say they can provide new insights. And all tools deliver their solution in their own way. Not necessarily being able to work together with other tools and test automation solutions.

As a result, you have a lot of data from different test tools at your disposal that needs to be brought together and managed in a consistent way. We see that this management of test results is not happening because it is too complicated or simply takes too much time. This is often the bottleneck. How do you ensure that all data is correctly read out and used for improving the quality of the software? How do we run security tests at the same time (and 24/7) as the other tests and combine the output in one place? Orangebeard is the answer.