Which test tools does Orangebeard support?

Orangebeard supports all kinds of tests: from unit test to end-to-end integration test. There is a collection of test listeners that will adapt to the types of tests that are executed in your environment. Next to these out-of-the-box supported platforms we also support new platforms on a by-request basis.

Is Orangebeard itself Open Source Software?

No. Orangebeard itself is not Open Source software, but distributed as a SaaS solution. As part of the solution we use a couple of Open Source modules, mainly, but not limited to, ReportPortal (by EPAM), ZAP-proxy and KeyCloak. For details see https://orangebeard.io/licensing-notices. We've also open sourced certain components of Orangebeard at GitHub.

Why is a balanced test pyramid so important?

Maintaining and curating a test suite is a balancing act. On the one hand tests take time to run and to maintain. On the other hand we want as much tests as possible to prevent product bugs to reach your clients and customers. With the insight provided by Orangebeard you can make an informed decision to whether you should start focusing more on adding unit tests or create end-to-end tests. Or to remove some test suites that don't 'pull their weight' so to speak in terms of added value.

What information does Orangebeard use to analyze my test results? Is my code safe from prying eyes?

Orangebeard does not use your production code in order to analyze your tests. It focuses on metadata like test type, logs and duration, and if the test completed successfully.

Do you have orange beards yourself?

No, but for the right price...

Is Orangebeard only applicable for businesses or departments that write their own software?

Not especially. Some of our customers only aggregate software by purchasing 'building blocks' of software and create test suites to test API-compatibility and end-to-end tests.

Do I need a specific build tool to use Orangebeard?

No! Orangebeard operates completely independent of your build tool. We just need you to send us your test results and metadata. And we will help you with getting that done as well.

What type of configuration is needed within my test setup in order to enter the realm of the Orangebeard?

This depends on the test platform that is already in place. Orangebeard does support all major test platforms like JUnit 4/5, NUnit, as well as platforms that include Selenium, like FitNesse, Ranorex or Cucumber. During the intake-phase our support team will help you connect every tool to your satisfaction, free of charge!

What model of distribution does Orangebeard use? Can I opt for a hosted version of the software?

Orangebeard is made available as a pure SaaS product. We run a tight knit Cloud based operation from our HQ in Leusden in The Netherlands. At the moment we have no plans to make a hosted version available.

Does Orangebeard integrate with Jira?

Yes, Orangebeard does include integration with Jira - with this integration we provide the ability to create issues to the right Jira project, with one click of a button.

Why would you want to optimize your test set anyway?

Well, testing and test automation can take a lot of precious time. This is especially crucial in a continuous delivery environment. And when you've composed thousands of tests, can you still keep track of all of them?

Are you guys security specialists?

We'll use the tests you're already running to detect any OWASP top ten issues using a proxy well known by security specialists. This super-efficient setup saves your expensive security experts al lot of time, that they can use to focus on other security-related stuff that is harder to detect automatically.

You're not using AI, you're using machine learning!

If you say so :-). We don't really care that much about the specific terminology, only about the actual benefit of our solution.

My question is not listed here!

We're sorry. Please let us know here. If your question is a good one, we'll add it!