It grows on you

Orangebeard is an intelligent software solution that helps you manage and improve your automated testing through intelligent analyses, clear insights and selecting and running the right tests for each build.




Fully detailed test results and logs


Automated defect classification


Update, history and pyramid analyses


Per project and per workspace, insight into the quality


Real time feedback


All of your test reports in one place, in one format


Dynamic subsets of tests


Test case effectivity score


Compare your test results to previous runs

Speeding up starts with the right insights

Understand your automated test result data, allowing you to take appropriate actions is key to speeding up. Orangebeard monitors and collects all data and need-to-know details of your automated test sets from every test or CI tool. In the blink of an eye, you and your colleagues can see all relevant test results of any kind or code in real-time.

A smart organized dashboard provides you with clear and solid feedback on what is being tested, who is testing, how it worked out, why and when tests have failed. It even tells you where the failure is situated and generated. Use these smart insights to better understand, control, manage and improve your test processes continuously. 


Audits and reporting

Orangebeard offers the possibility to store your test result history for as long as you need to comply with audit requirements with little additional effort or costs. The test result data analysis as well as the dashboard visualization make reporting on the status of your software quality so much easier by creating the most detailed or high-level reports. Saving you a lot of time and effort of going through all your test tools for the right details.

Integrates with every test & CI tool

Orangebeard is an independent and tool-agnostic SaaS platform that is designed to work with all current and future test and build tools on the market. Orangebeard directly interfaces with your test and build tools. If we don’t have an existing integration for your test or build tool, no worries! The team at Orangebeard can create tool-specific integrations that work for your tool(s) seamlessly in just a few days. You can read more on integrating your tools with Orangebeard here.


Features Security Scanner


Scan results per code change and project


Analyse OWASP risks


Passive and active scanning


Observe trends


Full OWASP reporting


Browser and API testing


Get the drop on security issues with every release

The security scanner automatically detects security issues. It monitors and checks your test results against the top 10 OWASP security issues. Alerting you of important security risks throughout your development process and with every build. The results are easy to understand for everyone and displayed in the dashboard.
With Security Scan, you can: 

  • free up valuable time of your PEN testers
  • Run security tests continuously (24/7 or every build or code change)
  • Use your available manhours and efforts where it is the most valuable

The security scanner makes it possible for you to improve your software security and quality with every delivery and release.

Say goodbye to the report jungle!

With Orangebeard, you don’t need to go through all those test reports to find your data and understand what has happened.

You can view all your test reports in one consistent format on our dashboard, making it super easy to read, understand and report on what has happened. 

Realize maximum quality and efficiency

Orangebeard takes work out of your hands and reduces time spent on time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Maximize your testing capacity by freeing up your testers’ time for maximum quality and efficiency in the time you have available. 

Start smarter testing today